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Frédéric Mistral (1830-1914)

Awarded the Prize “in recognition of the fresh originality and true inspiration of his poetic production, which faithfully reflects the natural scenery and native spirit of his people, and, in addition, his significant work as a Provencal philologist.”

French poet and linguist. Mistral was born in Maillane, Provence, France on September 8, 1830. He was educated at the College Royal of Avignon. After receiving his law degree in 1851 from the University of Aix-en-Provence, Mistral started his career as a writer, and published his first poems next year. Mistral devoted his whole life in recovering the tradition of life style, culture and language in Provence. Mistral died in Maillane on March 25, 1914.
Major Works:
Miréio (1859); Calendau (1867); Lis Isclo d’or (1876); Nerto (1884); La Rqino Jano (1890); Lou pouémo do rose (1897); Memoriè raconte (1906)

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