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Charles Albert Gobat (1843-1914)

Awarded the Prize “in recognition of his whole efforts to the peace movement.”

Swiss politician. Gobat was born in Tramelan, Switzerl on May 21, 1843. He studied at the Universities of Basel, Heidelberg, Bern, Paris, taking his doctorate in law, summa cum laude, from Heidelberg in 1867. In 1882 he was elected to the Gr Council of Bern, becoming president of the cantonal government for the 1886-1887 term. From 1884 to 1890 he was a member of the Council of States of Switzerl from 1890 until his death a member of the National Council. He became Director of the International Peace Bureau. Gobat died on March 16, 1914 in Bern.
Major Works:
République de Berne et la France pendant les guerres de religion (1891); Histoire de la Suisse racontée au peuple (1900)

Guinea-Bissau (2009)

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