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Keynote Address by Contributor

Dec.10, 2012
Nobel Prize, created with heritage donated by Alfred Nobel - Swiss industrialist and inventor and named in his name, is one of the most famous awards all over the world. Over its 100 more years history, more than 800 individuals and 20 organizations have been the laureates. No matter in the past, present or in the future, Nobel Prize is always playing a crucial role in inspiring humanbeings to pursue truth, insist justice, respect knowledge and encourage innovation.

It is my greatest luck to get tied with Nobel laureates. All winners are the sages of human. I don’t think it proper and I don’t have the right to personally possess all my collections of laureates’ inscriptions, manuscripts, signed books, signed speeches (papers), signed photos and relevant postal items alone since they are the crystals of all human intelligence.  So I put all of them in this Nobel Prize Website to share with more audience and readers. The sparkles of human intelligence are gathered here which reflect the winners’ greatest successful experiences and incomparable courage to pursue truth.
I sincerely hope every visitor here will have his or her own peace, freedom, sky and dream……

Binhai FEI in Shanghai


The Author Paid a Visit to the Tomb of Alfred Nobel

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