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2012-Century Nobel – Collection of Laureates’ inscriptions, signed book, signed photos stamps
On October 25, 2012, the opening ceremony of Century Nobel – Collection of Laureates’ inscriptions, signed book, signed photos and stamps was held in Putuo Library, Shanghai. The exhibition was jointly held by Publicity Department of Putuo CCP Committee and Culture Bureau of Putuo District and conducted jointly by Putuo Library, Shanghai Contemporary Writers’ Manuscripts Collection & Exhibition Hall and Shanghai Qinghe Cultural Communication Co. Ltd.  This exhibition was also a major event of the Shanghai International Art Festival.

We would like to emphasize one of the exhibited items was a complete set of recommendation forms for 2001 Nobel Chemistry Prize. They were donated to the Nobel Prize Museum Project by Professor Zha Quanxing who is academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and was chief of chemistry department from Wuhan University. Mr. Zha was also one of the first advocators who initiate the resumption of college entrance examination in 1978.

Exhibited Items



Exhibition Scenes




 Light of Wisdom – Dialogue between academicians and teenagers

Teenagers presented flowers to
academicians Mr. Dai Lixin, Mr. Qiu Weiliu & Mr. Wang Weiqi.



Keynote address by Mr. Zhao Lihong, member of CPPCC, Counsellor of
Shanghai Municipal Government and Vice Chairman of Shanghai Writers Association

 Official opening for Nobel Prize Websites

Mr. Zang Jianmin, Vice Secretary of CCP and Secretary-General of Shanghai Writers Association; Mr. Zhao Lihong, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Writers Association; Mr. Cheng Xianmin, Vice Secretary of CCP Putuo District; Mr. Shan Shaojun, Director of Publicity Department Putuo; Mr. Zhang Xiongwei, Vice Director of Putuo People’s Congress and Madam Jing Ying, Vice Director of Putuo District were visiting the exhibition.



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