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2001-Launching Ceremony of the book Centennial Nobel – Laureates’ stamps inscriptions (English Version)

On December 10, 2012, the donation and first-publishing ceremony of Centennial Nobel – Laureates’ stamps and inscriptions (English volume) was held at East-Asia Library in Stockholm, Sweden.



Centennial Nobel – Laureates’ stamps and inscriptions (Mandarin Version and English Version)

September 28, 2001

A Dialog Between the Wisdom and My Soul

By the publication of the book Nobel Prize Centennial 1901-2001: Laureate Stamps & Inscriptions, one of my dreams came true.

At the late of 1970s', I was attracted by world literature, taking pleasure in reading Balzac, Hugo, Tolstoy, Romain Rolland, T. S. Eliot, Faulkner and Hemingway. How I pored over Romain Rolland's great work Jean Christopher in sweltering hot days is still a remembrance fresh to me. My love for literature leads my attention gradually to the Nobel Prize and its laureates. During those days when I was struggling for living, I spend most of my education subsidy of mere 14 Yuans (RMB) to buy those great prize-awarded literature works available. I had a vision then that one day we could see a Chinese writer mounting on the platform to be awarded the Nobel Literature Prize.

As time goes by, I know more about the Nobel Prize and the laureates and have got "emotional Nobel complex". In August 2000, when I stood still for a long while in front of Nobel's tombstone during my visit of Stockholm, I felt the real greatness of him and perceived his very broad mind.

Being grown up in an age reduced to isolated state then came my mature age as our country opens to the world. At the very beginning when the idea bourgeoned in my mind for purely paying my respect, of collecting the stamps and cachets issued in different countries about the Nobel Prize laureates and the laureates' personal inscriptions and signed photos, I was just aiming to transform a vague image into a concrete perception. To be sure, it is much more difficult for me, a Chinese, than for those in other countries, to fulfill such an undertaking, because of the long-standing overt and covert alienation in addition to the linguistic and cultural barrier. What was unexpected at the set-up is that, when getting closer to the Nobel Prize laureates, and coming to appreciate their wisdom, I gradually realized the significance of the Nobel Prize has transcend the simple value of a prize awarding and it is the loftiest pursuit for mankind to make contribution to sciences, to peace, to spiritual life of human being. Their insightful inscriptions are very encouraging such as "Nature speaks softly to those who will hear" (1996 Nobel Physics Prize, Douglas D. Osheroff), "Nothing is too strange to be true" (1988 Nobel Chemistry Prize, Johann Deisenhofer), "The eternal language of biology and medicine is chemistry" (1959 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize, Arthur Kornberg), "Investment in scientific research should never be hindered. The application should however be severely controlled" (1986 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize, Rita Levi-Montalcini), "Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon" (1976 Nobel Economics Prize, Milton Friedman), "The optimum currency area revolution is at hand! When will at end?" (1999Nobel Economics Prize, Robert A. Mundell).

Late in the tranquil night, sitting in my study room all surrounded by books and turning over the hundred and more pages of inscriptions presented by the Nobel Prize laureates, and their signed photos, and the piece-by-piece collected special stamps about the Nobel topic over so many years, it seems to me I was conversing in an inner voice with those masters full of wisdoms and all the personal contacts and meetings with Chen Ning Yang, Robert A. Mundell, and Kim Dae-jung in the past was leaping before my eyes.

In an enlightening moment, I see, the crystallization of human brightness, should not, and could not be enjoyed exclusively by me alone, and it is the obligation for me to share the delight with my readers by the publication of my collection. It is very clear that as a layman to so many fields of science, I am unable to understand all the deep insights of the inscriptions. Still I was thrilled at these significant sayings. It is the convergence of the sparks from men's wisdom that connote the winners' condensed experiences and the unparalleled courage for finding out the truth.

Much to my regret for being unable to attend, for some reasons, the great Nobel Centennial Festivals held in Stockholm and Oslo in December 10, 2001. To express my congratulation, I am going to present my new book, as a handsel, to the great event. Though the presentation, as the Chinese saying has it, is only of "embellishing the brocade with colorful embroidery", still it may be regarded as a little "pleasant" that Shanghai, an international metropolitan city, holds out to the world that needs more extensive communication among all the races. The world needs an opened China with inexhaustible vitality and China, to the same extent, needs a receiving world full with love and regards.

At this moment, I would recall with grief late Louis Eugene Felix Neel (1970 Nobel Physics laureate), Herbert A. Simon (1978 Nobel Economics Prize laureate), and Michael Smith (1993 Nobel Chemistry Prize) because they passed away soon after having sent me their inscriptions and signed photos that would be the ever lasting memorable keepsakes.

It is a rarely happy chance, while I am preparing this epilogue, the charming and elegant view of Lake Geneva is presented to me through the open windows and the perennially-snow-topped Alps at a distance. This was my second time coming to this land, so tranquil, exquisite and beautiful. With her characteristic generosity and broad mind, Geneva has received more than one third foreign residence from different countries and she is worthy of the reputation as City of Peace and City of Culture and Art. The hotel I lived is near by the WTO headquarter. Within several months, China will be accepted as its formal member, which means Chinese economics will be commencing to join in the global economics. Late in the peaceful and harmonious night, I am still sensible faintly to the first shock caused by the "9.11" terrorist attacks on the United States of America. I would pray for peace for all the people. I really hope that everyone on the earth could enjoy a peaceful life of his or her own, and has a blue sky over head and a beautiful dream...


Binhai FEI at Lake Geneva, Switzerland

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